New Memoirs of Counterspy. FBI against the Russian special services: successes and failures
Criminal prosecution
Japan's New Role in the World Order of the XXI century
International territorial law
Crimes of the US-headed International Coalition in Syria
One Belt One Road. China’s Long March Toward 2049
COVID-19: Crime, Cybersecurity, Society; Police
The world trade system: challenges of the XXIth century: monograph
The Golden Fund of the Russian Science of International Law in 5 volumes
Ordinary fascism: Ukrainian war crimes and human rights abuses (2017–2020)
History of Russian America (1732–1867)
"Also winners." The neutral countries of Europe and France in World War II.
Availability of information about court cases. Problems of law regulation and enforcement
Casebook on Private International Law
Oil and Cinema
Great transformation through the prism of axial time
Games of Fate
The art of international negotiations
Gold of the Russian Empire and the Bolsheviks. 1917–1922:: in 3 vol.
Russia at international fora and congresses from XVII – start of XX century


Diplomatic Protocol in Russia – 4th edition
Social etiquette
The secret policy of Stalin. Power and anti-Semitism (New version): At 2 o'clock Part I. From tsarism to victory in World War II, Part II. Against the background of the Cold War
Origin of the Second World War
Crimean war at the sea of Azov
Offshore companies and trusts. Anti Offshore regulation
International private law: textbook 4th edition
SECRET POLICY: FROM BREZHNEV TO GORBACHEV: At 2 Parts. Part I. Power - The Jewish Question - Intellectuals
Slavic mythology. Encyclopedic Dictionary
Memoirs of a counterspy. An inside view of conflict between the KGB and CIA, and not only…

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A Guide to Public Speaking