International Security

Cyberpolice of the XXI century. International experience
   The book deals with urgent issues involving the impact on crime of ..
450 Р
White helmets
   Oscar-winning documentary, The White Helmets, begins with the follo..
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Entering the nuclear age. Atomic diplomacy: from beginning to parity
   Counting on nuclear weapons being banned in the distant future, Ro..
500 Р
USA: Military Economy
700 Р
Evolution of the European Security and Defense Policy in the Context of Globalization: Monograph
   This book is the fruit of research on the multidimensional issues ..
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Self-Defense Forces of Japan
   This publication, based on Japanese normative legal documents, put..
600 Р
US policy in the Middle East in the context of the "Arab Spring"
In this book, the author examines the main aspects of US foreign policy in the ..
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Cyber-Washington: Global Ambitions
  Launched at the beginning of the XXI century, the global struggle for th..
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The military policy of the European Union
  The book examines fifteen-years of military history in the European Unio..
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Faces of power. Intellectual elite of Russia and the world on the main issue of world politics
   Collective monograph on the basis of reports and speeches prepared ..
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UN and peacemaking. Tutorial
   Unique in its content a course by V. Zaemsky contains  detaile..
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The European army: defeat and victory. General Security and Defense Policy of the European Union
   The book is devoted to a new direction in the activities of the Eu..
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