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  Launched at the beginning of the XXI century, the global struggle for th..
500 руб.
Vol. 1. Russian and the Central Powers. Vol. 2. Russia and the Allies. V..
1,760 руб.
The authors of this book have tried to evaluate the Chinese One Belt One Road I..
550 руб.
  In his book, Doctor of Philosophy and Professor V.S. Buyanov, traces Russ..
700 руб.
   This book is the fruit of research on the multidimensional issues ..
300 руб.
The history of Spain's foreign policy since the formation of a unified state on..
500 руб.
   This monograph analyzes the main global geoprojects and Russia’s ro..
360 руб.
   "The most lucid, comprehensive, intelligent and reliable account o..
800 руб.
   This monograph makes an effort to locate and analyze the array of t..
600 руб.
   This monograph is part of a series of books on the history of the J..
990 руб.
   The author of the monograph, a well-known Russian political scient..
250 руб.
   The book is devoted to a new direction in the activities of the Eu..
200 руб.
More than one hundred years have passed since the beginning of the First World ..
900 руб.
   This book was first published in 2001. Since then, a large number ..
1,200 руб.
400 руб.
Our politicians admonish us: "Neither idealize nor demonize the Germans".At the..
400 руб.
   N. N. Molchanov’s book sheds light on Russia’s foreign policy and d..
950 руб.
This monograph is unique in being the fruit of research of leading specialists f..
320 руб.
Т. 1. The founding of Russian America (1732–1799). 536 pp.; ILLUS. Т. 2. Ope..
1,900 руб.
The collective monograph contains conclusions drawn up by leading Russian inte..
550 руб.

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