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Strictly confidentially. Ambassador to Washington under six us presidents (1962-1986) / A. F. Dobrynin. – 3nd ed.
Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders of International Courts
Legal Philosophy
The tragedy of Afghanistan. From the origins to the present day
Resident Wollweber's Secret War
Man without a face: the memoirs of a spymaster
From the closure of the Russian Constituent Assembly to the decline of the Soviets: an inside look.
International Law Course
Matrix of translator training methods
The American Empire. Origin. Stages. Modernity
The banking system in the USA
Historiosophy of Russia's Foreign Policy: from Ancient Rus to the Present Day
Moral code from A to Z in contemporary Japan: do the Japanese need a moral code in the post-industrial society of the 21st century?
Criminal prosecution as a way of settling economic disputes. Part II. Criminal proceeding in arbitration courts : prerequisites and implementation
Spain and Russia before the challenges of time
Russia and the USA. Pages of naval history.
Japanese people in Russia at the end of XVII – start of XX century
Who needs a reform of the UN. In the interests of one and all.
Sketches in pen and pencil from A. Vysheslavtsev’s journey around the world
The legitimacy of political power : evolution of theory and practice. The modern world and Russia
The banking system in Switzerland : reliability, stability, effectiveness
A fifty-year history of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society 1845–1895 : in 3 parts
The UN and peacekeeping: a course of lectures
Born a Diplomat. Nikolay Solovyev
The Peter the Great Naval Corps. 320 years in service to the fatherland: monograph
A self-teaching guide on public speaking
German banking system: economic and legal aspects of development


Slavic mythology. Encyclopedic Dictionary
Negotiation Skills : Textbook
Diplomatic Protocol in Russia – 4th edition
Criminal prosecution as a way of settling economic disputes : what is wrong in the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Rules
One Belt One Road. China’s Long March Toward 2049
History of Russian America (1732–1867)
"Also winners." The neutral countries of Europe and France in World War II.
Games of Fate
Gold of the Russian Empire and the Bolsheviks. 1917–1922:: in 3 vol.
Social etiquette