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About us

The publishing house was founded in January 1957 at the Moscow state Institute of international relations of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR.
Since 1963, it has been operating as a national publishing house specializing in the production of literature on international topics of a wide profile: this includes books on history and modern politics, the world economy and international economic relations, foreign and international law, the history and practice of diplomacy, world and domestic culture. An important place among the publications is occupied by scientific, documentary, encyclopedic and reference literature.
For a number of decades, the publishing house was the publisher of archival documents of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Also, all these years, one of the main directions remains theproduction of educational literature, including basic textbooks for universities.
Now the publishing house occupies a leading position in the country in the production of literature on international topics. The wide popularity and authority of the publishing house is provided primarily by the production of high-quality professional books designed for the most demanding reader. At the same time, while maintaining its focus on the professionally trained reader, the publisher regularly publishes literature of wider demand, including memoirs and biographies, the book series "Secret missions" and "Amazing Japan".
The total number of titles published by the publisher of books exceeds 4 thousand.
A distinctive feature and fundamental setting of the publishing policy is a systematic approach, namely, the desire to create, by publishing book after book, a consistent and complete picture of literature on a specific topic.
One of the most important examples of this is the literature on international law. Dozens of titles published in recent years cover essentially the entire range of this discipline – from the basic MGIMO textbook to a series of industry courses: private international law, international economic law, international financial law, WTO law, an independent series of books on human rights and related works on comparative law (public, private, criminal law, etc.).
The structure of the literature on geopolitical topics is similar (from basic courses in political science and geopolitics to a series of monographs on individual regions and topics that represent a wide range of different views of authoritative authors).
The systematic nature of publishing policy is also expressed in the desire to represent the geography of economic and political life of the modern world, i.e. the country-specific section of world politics and economy.
Over the past decade, our country has undergone significant changes in the financial system and its banking sector. The publishing house could not stay away from this process and produced several books and dictionaries for banks and bankers.
Since 2012, the publishing house together with MGIMO MFA of Russia has started publishing a book series "History of foreign policy of foreign countries". Books on the history of foreign policy in the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, and great Britain have already been published.
Special interest has always been associated with translated literature, represented by the latest works of prominent foreign authors. The key task in selecting these works is to study and highlight foreign experience and modern knowledge on issues relevant to Russian society.