• Deserts and Desertification: Encyclopedia
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Deserts and Desertification: Encyclopedia

   This encyclopedia shows deserts and desertification as a global phenomenon of land degradation. It contains over 1300 articles describing the deserts of the world; large lakes and rivers that run through deserts; terminology on climate, plants, geomorphology, desertification, desertification indicators; national and international institutions that study deserts and land reclamation; leading international journals that add refreshment to this arid theme; atlases, maps, programmes and methodical provisions for land reclamation; major international events on the topic of desertification; countries where deserts make up over 50% of their territory; hydraulic structures and projects (planned and completed), playing a key role in land reclamation; famous eremologists; renowned travelers who have left their mark in the study of deserts; international conventions, treaties and agreements; fundamental works that have played a central role in developing eremology; national reserves and desert territories under special protection; interesting facts about deserts; auto rallies, desert equipment, excelling architectural solutions, artistic films etc.

This encyclopedia is aimed at scientists, specialists studying deserts and desertification, university, college and school students, and all who are interested in this topic.

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