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  • The multilateral trading system (1947-2014)
  • Publisher:  International Relations Publisher
  • Year of issue:  2015
  • Series:  
  • ISBN:  978-5-7133-1546-7
  • Cover type:  твердый переплет 145 х 215 мм
  • Number of pages:  224
  • Product Code:  0717
  • Availability:  In Stock
УДК 339.5(07)(091)''1947–2014'' ББК 65.428.8г.я7

The multilateral trading system (1947-2014)

This handbook aims to give students a broader and more up-to-date picture of the multilateral trading system (MTS); its emergence, development, role and position in the global economy of the World Trade Organization – the physical manifestation of the MTS today; and finally, Russia's accession to the WTO and some of the problems linked to this.

For students, postgraduates and all those interested in the current multilateral trading system.

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