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  • Diplomat Anatoly Dobrynin: Collection of memoirs
  • Publisher:  Международные Отношения
  • Year of issue:  2016
  • Series:   Diplomatic
  • ISBN:  978-5-7133-1437-8
  • Cover type:  твердый переплет 145 х 215 мм
  • Number of pages:  384
  • Product Code::  0754
  • Availability::  In Stock

Diplomat Anatoly Dobrynin: Collection of memoirs

   Memories about Anatoly Dobrynin who was the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USSR in Washington for 24 years, who worked under six presidents of the United States, continues the series of books about outstanding domestic diplomacy. These publications are supported by non-governmental organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In the book, readers will find stories and sketches of those who worked with Anatoly Dobrynin or knew him well, it is all supplemented with documents and materials related to his diplomatic activities.


The book reflects a very significant contribution made by Mr. Dobrynin in conducting Russian foreign policy in the second half of the twentieth century

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