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  • Diplomatic ceremonial and protocol 2nd edition
  • Publisher:  Международные Отношения
  • Year of issue:  2024
  • Series:  
  • ISBN:  978-5-7133-1636-5
  • Cover type:  твердый переплет 145 х 215 мм
  • Number of pages:  384
  • Product Code::  0895
  • Availability::  In Stock
УДК 341.75 ББК 67.412.1

Diplomatic ceremonial and protocol 2nd edition

   This book is a classical manual on diplomatic protocol and ceremonial. It offers a codex of diplomatic courtesy containing all the laws, regulations, conditionalities and attributes of international etiquette that make up protocol law. The authors also devote their attention to the historical tendency of democratizing protocol law.
Despite the striking changes in global diplomacy, stability has been maintained in the forms, methods and instruments of diplomatic work, of which protocol is key since it brings hierarchy, discipline and organization to international relations. It is not by chance that the authors give a range of examples of protocol errors that have at times caused serious political difficulties.
This book is not only useful but a necessity for those working in the international, state and business sphere.

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