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  • Year of issue:  2021
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History of Russian America (1732–1867)

Т. 1. The founding of Russian America (1732–1799). 536 pp.; ILLUS.

Т. 2. Operations of the Russian-American Company (1799–1825). 536 pp.; ILLUS.

Т. 3. Russian America: from zenith to sunset (1825–1867). 632 pp.; ILLUS.


The History of Russian America is a unique work in the world of historiography, based on documents from Russian and foreign archives, and on a wide swathe of literature written in the main European languages.

The first tome pays particular attention to the expedition of M. Gvozdev and I. Fedorov (1732), the Kamchatka expedition of V. Bering (1741), and governmental expeditions in the second half of XVIII century. It contains chapters which analyze the trading activities of Russian merchants in the Pacific North, the spread of Orthodox Christianity in Russian America and the history of the formation of the Russian-American Company in 1799.

The second tome encompasses the operations of the Russian-American Company from 1799–1825. That period marks the very heyday of Russian America; when the greatest success was attained during Russian activities in Alaska with a significant number of settlements being founded. These included Novo Arkhangelsk on the island of Sitka and Fort Ross in California.  

The third tome examines the dramatic events, which took place during 1825–1867. This difficult period in the history of Russian lands in North West America began with an official frontier demarcation in the region due to the conventions concluded between the Russian Empire, the USA and England, and ended with the sale of Russian Alaska to the United States in 1867. 

This publication is aimed at specialists and all those who are interested in the history of Russia and global history in general.

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