• The Great Geopolitical Revolution
  • Publisher:  Международные Отношения
  • Year of issue:  2014
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  • ISBN:  978-5-7133-1447-7
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The Great Geopolitical Revolution

   The book is dedicated to an unprecedented transformation that is being accomplished at the vast of the recent Third World and, therefore, it affects the entire international arena. The revolution is based on the political awakening of the vast masses in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which is two-thirds of humanity and a large part of our planet. After they expelled colonizers, tasting freedom, they have risen to struggle for the conquered consolidation of the political independence and economic revival. The author seeks to demonstrate what milestones the revolution has achieved in different regions of the developing world, particularly dwelling on Asian giants – China and India, moving to the status of world powers.

The revolution puts an end to the peripheral participation of developing countries in international affairs, pushing them to the forefront, and finally debunks euro and ceasing pro-American motion concept of the world history. It has plunged Pax Americana into a crisis without exiting, and thoroughly the revolution heats a little the American hegemony. Transformation processes is the space of the struggle between those whose interests were served by the previous order, and those who advocate for changes. Forces of the yesterday use unscrupulous methods: from suffocation in “friendly” embrace to involvement into junior partners, from political and economic pressures to bloody change of “humanitarian” regime. The book concludes with thoughts on the priorities of Russian foreign policy and the great opportunities that open up in front of her the ongoing changes. However, their implementation prevents the contradiction between the patriotic principles of foreign policy and certain aspects of social and economic policy of authorities. The conclusion: correction of the course is needed not only for the dynamic development of Russia. Changes are required for the fundamental interests of its foreign policy.

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