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  • Japanese people in Russia at the end of XVII – start of XX century
  • Publisher:  Международные отношения
  • Year of issue:  2022
  • Series:  
  • ISBN:  978-5-7133-1721-8
  • Cover type:  твердый переплет 145 х 215 мм
  • Number of pages:  280 с. : ил.
  • Product Code::  1052
  • Availability::  In Stock
УДК 237(47:520)(091)"16/191" ББК 63.3(2)5-64+63.3(5Япо)5-64

Japanese people in Russia at the end of XVII – start of XX century

   Russia and Japan are close neighbours. Up until the end of the XVII century, we did not know much about each other. Then we gradually began to find out more about Japan. Starting from the era of Peter I, Russia aimed to form and develop friendly relations with Japan. The stories described in this book took place during the period of the Russian Empire (from the time of Peter I to Nicholas II). The book describes a visit to Russia by the members of the Japanese imperial family, the daily life and work of Japanese ambassadors, war agents and diplomats who became prime ministers, ministers of foreign affairs and famous military commanders, and the representatives of business circles, writers, journalists and students. It is also the first time that eyewitness accounts are cited from Japanese people who found themselves in Saint Petersburg during the dramatic revolutionary events of 1917. The author made a considerable effort to find the specific addresses in Saint Petersburg and Moscow where the Japanese lived. Luckily, most of the buildings which contained their flats, shops and offices have remained intact. We think that the reader will find it interesting to be introduced to them, and, while walking along Nevsky Avenue, Tverskaya Street or Kuzntesky Bridge, pay attention to these places. For a wide circle of readers.

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Издание выпущено в свет при поддержке Международного фонда Шодиева